Key Features

Atlaz Academy

The Atlaz Academy is our very own comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) that houses the entire collection of Atlaz’s materials. Atlaz Academy also serves as a platform for support and personal progress report.

Physical and Interactive Textbooks

Atlaz provides all-new textbooks with captivating illustrations and challenging yet fun exercises. The textbooks are available in physical and digital formats for a more exciting, engaging, and motivating learning.

Video Lectures

Our English Mentor will guide students throughout every unit in comprehensive and lively video lectures. Students can access these videos at any time to review the materials they are currently studying, or just for fun, really.

Quizzes and Assessments

Students can access a wide selection of quizzes designed specifically to test students’ comprehension. Teachers can assess a student’s progress based on his/her performance in the test.

Animated Videos

Entertaining, mostly amusing, and educational animated videos designed to help students with their learning process in a fun way!

Teacher’s Support

A forum for Q&A and an allotted time where students can book a consulting session with a Mentor on materials with which they need further assistance. It truly is making learning process a whole lot more personal.