How Important is the Education System for the Future of a Nation (1)

Important Factors In Nation’s Education Is English Useful to Learn?

Basic education in Indonesia will undergo evaluation in 2021. Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Nadiem Anwar Makarim has officially changed the UN (national exam) to AN (national assessment). AN itself consists of three parts:

  • Minimum Competency Assessment (AKM)
  • Character Survey
  • Learning Environment Survey

With this new system, Mendikbud Nadiem Makarim focuses on learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy so that students can contribute to society outside their work and career fields in the future. In other words, students will be more emotionally developed and character building. Basic theories will still be taught, but they are no longer the only most important factor in future education. For example, so far students are required to memorize Pancasila, but not all of them clearly understand what the Pancasila means. So with this new system, it is hoped that students in Indonesia will not only be smart materially and memorably, but also socially and understand how to behave properly so that they can make a meaningful contribution to society.

Then what about the English education system in Indonesia today? Based on data from the 2020 Global Ranking Index, Indonesia is in 74th place and is in the low category. Indonesia is also under other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. There are several factors that can cause Indonesia to lag behind other neighboring countries. One of them is the awareness of the importance of learning foreign languages, especially English which is used globally. Access to and quality of education is also a major factor, because Indonesia is an archipelago, and education infrastructure services are still not evenly distributed across all regions.