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Apart from being designed to match the international CEFR standard, the Atlaz curriculum is also created with Indonesia’s national English curriculum in mind.

Offline learning? Online learning? Or both? No matter what your preference is, Atlaz has your learning needs covered!


Exercises, quizzes, assessments, video lectures, interactive textbooks and games* (coming soon); we have it all!

Fixed learning schedule is a thing of the past! With Atlaz, students can learn more effectively and with more convenience at their own pace.

Key Features

Atlaz Academy

Physical and Interactive Textbooks

Video Lectures

Quizzes & Assessments

Teacher's Support

Animated Videos

Key Benefits

Atlaz’s fun, varied / adaptable, and helpful features will improve students’ motivation to learn as well as teachers’ motivation to teach by a lot!

The combination of elevated learning motivation, Atlaz’s innovative curriculum, and material accessibility will definitely yield more effective results.

The ability to study at one’s own pace and to get 24/7 support from our Mentors is the one to go for!

Atlaz’s LMS and teachers’ resources are very helpful tools to better allocate their time toward personal learning and provide a more tailored support to their students.


Why Atlaz

Study with confidence using the latest curriculum up to international standards. Experience a more effective and interactive learning experience for easy and quick English mastery.

Through a learning method that requires more cognitive processing, students are conditioned to think more critically, develop better train of thoughts, and produce remarkable output.

We believe that being sociable and communicative is equally important as being “booksmart.” This is why we incorporate character building into our curriculum.

Going digital is the best way to provide an evergreen and real-time access to materials, support, and resources for both students and teachers alike for a more personal learning experience.